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Wilderness Treatment Center is located on a 4000 acres working cattle ranch in Montana. Between our property and the wilderness, our patients get to experience the very best of Montana

Wilderness Difference

The experience we create for each patient truly sets us apart and builds the necessary tools to live a life of joy and sobriety.

Financing Treatment

Finding the ability to pay for treatment is one of the more difficult steps in getting your son in treatment. We can help provide guidance, optons and the reality of treatment coverage.

  • Many of my fondest memories of early sobriety were made during my time at WTC.

    Ryan L.
  • I was from Montana before I went to the WTC and I really never expected to get as much as I did out of it.

    Luke S.
  • Wilderness Treatment Center was a great starting point for my sobriety. My plan was to go to treatment and

    Jacob A.
  • My time at WTC was nothing short of an entire life changing experience. I can’t even begin to describe how much

    Matt M.
  • When I went into Wilderness Treatment Center I was just going to get the courts off of my back.

    Ryan C.
  • I went to WTC October 25th of 2012, ever since then my life has been completely different. They taught me a new way to live.

    Mark M.
  • I came to Wilderness Treatment Center not knowing whether or not I wanted to stop using drugs and alcohol

    Nick E.
  • I originally went to wilderness treatment center to get the court system off of my back.

    Joe S.
  • We sent our son to the Wilderness Treatment Center at the recommendation of one of his former treatment counselors.

  • My son, Mike, will soon be celebrating seven years sobriety. This is due to the strong men and women

    Kim L.
  • My 14 year old son went to WTC when we found out he was abusing drugs. He has been clean and sober for a year

    Anonymous Parent