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Long-term Sobriety with Relapse Prevention

Without question addiction has long term physiological, emotional, social, and psychological effects. During active use, addiction, and its effect have a significant, sometimes all-consuming impact upon all areas of an individual’s life. Therefore, in order to develop and maintain meaningful and sustained recovery an individual’s treatment must extend beyond the initial detoxification and rehabilitation stages and into thoughtful and deliberate aftercare programming.

Despite their duration, provider, or methodology the goals of aftercare are generally to sustain sobriety from substances, create a relapse prevention plan, envision and actualize a lifestyle filled with purpose and meaningful relationships, and reverse any long lasting mental and physiological effects brought about by extended substance abuse. Although each individual’s aftercare needs, timeline and objectives will vary, it has proven to be an essential part of long term recovery. Through careful communication, collaboration and planning with you, your son and all members of our staff will develop an individualized plan appropriate to your son and the next stages of his life based on specific criteria and diagnosis.

Resilience and Recovery

Wilderness Treatment Center works with many young adult and adolescent aftercare programs and have built extensive relationships with some of the best in the country over the past 35 years.  Most recently we found the need for a more affordable and structured adolescent program that incorporates recovery, therapy, life-skills, health and wellness and service along with on-campus academics in a controlled environment.  In 2018 we founded Rising Peak Academy, a 16 bed adolescent aftercare program just outside of Glacier Park, MT.


Available 24/7 for Support