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Accepting a Life of Sobriety

Wilderness Treatment Center is the first and only addiction treatment program to incorporate a traditional 30-day inpatient treatment with a wilderness expedition for young men and male teens. Each wilderness expedition is staffed with a fully licensed addiction counselor and wilderness instructor . This combination of traditional inpatient treatment and wilderness therapy approach is extremely powerful and designed to impact these young men and teens while teaching the tools they will need to live a life of sobriety.

From Discovery to Recovery | Our Philosophy

Our innovative model is built upon the therapeutic journey from discovery to recovery. Each step toward sobriety is carefully managed and addressed through individual therapy, group therapy, equine assisted therapy (Eagala), morning meditation, psychoeducational lectures, recreation, wilderness therapy, service and step work. While our patients have a primary counselor, the treatment philosophy of Wilderness Treatment Center provides each clinical staff member visibility into the treatment plans, behaviors and history of every patient. This team-based approach enables the entire staff the ability to address specialized circumstances and therapeutic opportunities based on individual experience. No adolescent and/or young adult program can match the amount of focus and therapeutic hours we provide each of our patients during treatment.

Recovery is the Best Alternative

Our setting is the perfect place for young men who often have trouble in the confines of a more conventional setting. Referrals come from outpatient/inpatient addiction treatment centers, individual therapists, probation officers, educational consultants, interventionists, alumni, substance abuse professionals, and families. Wilderness Treatment Center uses these resources to better assist the young men and teens.

Historical Dude Ranch Setting

Wilderness Treatment Center is located on a 5,900 acre, working cattle ranch, 25 miles west of Kalispell, MT. This ranch was built in 1924 and functioned as a high-end dude ranch from 1924 to 1970. The ranch was purchased in 1982 and in August of 1983, we admitted our first patient. Fifty percent of the original log buildings are still functioning today, giving Wilderness Treatment Center a true ranch atmosphere.

Admission Packet

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Family Packet

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Daily Treatment Schedule

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WTC Brochure

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