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Rising Peak Academy

Rising Peak Academy is a long-term residential program that provides young men ages 13-18 the opportunities and motivation to succeed in life while dealing with co-occurring disorders including addiction, mental health and behavioral issues. Located on the edge of Glacier Park in Northwest Montana, we focus on healthy activity, academics, counseling and life-skills that establish a foundation of recovery in each and every resident that attends our program.

We deliver exceptional care to the residents and families ensuring that each young man is treated as an individual while instilling the principals of integrity, responsibility, honesty and accountability. In addition, a focus on service and helping others is a philosophy each young man will leave with and use to build character and impact society as a whole. This is accomplished through a 3-phase system motivating each client to focus on successful completion of our program. Each phase is specific to the individual but is based on general principals and a foundation of the 12-step philosophy. Along with academics, community events, recreation and sober fun – the boys will be attending and hosting AA meetings on a regular basis.

3 Phase Program

Rising Peak Academy (RPA) is built around our 3 phase program that moves these young men from Acceptance to Action then onto Resilience and ultimately to Independence by participating in our Alumni program. Each phase outlines specific requirements within each element including Recovery, Academics, Therapy, Service, Health & Wellness and Life Skills. Progress is based on quantitative and qualitative analysis to assess where each client is at in their individual process through 3 weekly staff meetings and resident presentations at the end of each phase. Furthermore, our system helps our clients easily identify and be accountable for what is expected in order to see progression, and the requirements for graduation.







Available 24/7 for Support