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Wilderness Treatment Center prides itself on hiring the best and brightest to be a part of our team. Whether they are our administrative, clinical, wilderness or support staff, each employee works directly with every patient in our program and has a profound affect on the quality of care provided.


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  • Nancy Brekke
    Nancy Brekke Co-Founder & Chief Administrative Officer

    As co-founder Nancy has been a part of Wilderness Treatment Center since the very beginning in 1983. She and her late husband John have established a quality of care that is expected for each and every patient that comes through the program for the past 32 years. As co-owner and administrator, Nancy not only works closely with all staff, but knows each patient very well and is committed to helping these young men on the road to recovery.

  • Matt Brekke
    Matt Brekke Operations Director

    Matt Brekke is the Director of Operations and is tasked with overall strategic and operational responsibility for the facilities operations, business and marketing initiatives. Matt grew up on the facility with his two younger brothers since the age of 7. He recently returned to WTC from a 15 year career in Denver, CO having worked in multiple marketing and business leadership positions as well as his own consulting company.

  • Ben Dorrington
    Ben Dorrington Director of Admissions, Counselor, L.A.C.

    Ben is a Licensed Addictions Counselor and a native of the Flathead Valley. He has a degree in Psychology from Linfield College and has been working at Wilderness Treatment Center since 2003. Ben is an avid golfer, fisherman and softball enthusiast.

  • Chase Sewell
    Chase Sewell Business Development Manager

    Since beginning his journey in recovery, Chase has worked with many programs helping adolescents and young adults achieve sobriety. He has spent his career in several recovery residences, an intensive outpatient program as a group therapist, and working with a drug screening company doing field work with clients.

  • Mary Tollefson
    Mary Tollefson Admissions Coordinator

    Mary joined WTC in September of 2003. She has an extensive history working in the field including Alcohol and Drug Services in Bozeman and Northern Montana Chemical Dependency Center. Her experience as an administrator and with insurance companies adds to her expertise in performing her role.

  • Carolyn (CJ) McIsaac
    Carolyn (CJ) McIsaac Administrative Assistant

    Carolyn, also known as CJ, was born and raised in Idaho. She attended secretarial school and worked at the National Reactor Testing Station/Idaho Engineering Labs. Since 1990 CJ has been the heart beat of WTC and probably the first person you will speak with when calling WTC.

  • Rose Sweeney
    Rose Sweeney Administrative Assistant

    Rose has been working at Wilderness Treatment Center for the past 3 years and has lived in Montana for the past 35. Rose is an avid horse enthusiast and accomplished dressage rider.

  • Alexis Laychak
    Alexis Laychak Nurse, LPN

    Alexis and her husband moved from New Jersey to Montana in 1996. Her nursing career has been in primary hospital settings, home care, and addiction treatment centers. Alexis began working at WTC in 2002, and describes her time here as the most rewarding of any setting in her nursing career.

  • Vien Emery
    Vien Emery Nurse, LPN

    Vien joined us in 2016 after moving to Montana in 2011. She attended Vermont Technical College where she received her LPN. On top of helping out these young men each day, Vien manages a busy household with her husband Seth and kids Wylie, Mason, and Scout. When she is not checking syptoms she is out enjoying everything Montana has to offer in the outdoors.


  • Timothy J. Stutzman, M.D.
    Timothy J. Stutzman, M.D. Medical Director

    After growing up in the Flathead Valley, Dr. Stutzman received his Doctor of Medicine Degree from Loma Linda University in Loma Linda, Calif. He completed his residency at Family Medicine of Southwest Washington in Vancouver, Wash. Dr. Stutzman is board certified by the American Board of Family Practice and is a member of the Academy of Family Practice.

  • Chris Nadasi, Ph.D., Ed.S.
    Chris Nadasi, Ph.D., Ed.S. Consulting Psychologist

    Dr. Chris Nadasi is our licensed clinical psychologist providing intake, assessment, psychological and educational testing services at Wilderness Treatment Center. Chris has worked with adolescents and young adults for two decades, and has provided clinical services through several therapeutic schools and program.

  • Mark Lyga
    Mark Lyga Clinical Director, Counselor

    Mark has been at W.T.C. since 1998. He has a B.A. from State University of New York and an MSW from Syracuse. He is a Licensed Addiction Counselor and is a NAADAC certified Master Addiction Counselor. Mark hails from Upstate New York and moved to Montana to pursue his career at WTC.

  • Patrick Hawkins
    Patrick Hawkins Clinical Director, Counselor

    Patrick is a Licensed Addiction Counselor. He has been working in the field of Chemical Dependency since 1995. He has worked at Hazelden Center for Youth and Families and Way 12 Half Way House. He received his training at The College of Saint Catherine in Minnesota. He has over 900 days in the backcountry on over 40 expeditions. He is married and the father of 2.

  • Robert Brekke, L.A.C.
    Robert Brekke, L.A.C. Licensed Addiction Counselor

    Rob is a licensed addiction counselor. He graduated from Prescott College with a degree in Psychology. Rob has worked with at-risk youth in a variety of settings and locations including Outward Bound as program director. He has also completed an internship at the Hazelden Foundation.

  • Joe Hermes, L.A.C.
    Joe Hermes, L.A.C. Licensed Addiction Counselor

    Joe comes to us from St. Paul, MN. He holds a degree in Economics with a minor in Psychology from University of Minnesota Duluth and a Masters in Addiction Counseling from the Hazelden Graduate School of Addiction Studies. Joe is passionate about recovery and believes the 12 steps can transform lives.

  • Nate Moore, L.A.C.-E, WFR
    Nate Moore, L.A.C.-E, WFR Licensed Addiction Counselor

    Nate comes to us from Indiana where he attended Indiana Wesleyan University receiving both B.S. in Psychology and Addiction Counseling. Most recently he was an Assistant Group Lead at Elements Wilderness Program where he was responsible for direct client care, treatment plan implementation, biopsychosocial and crisis management. Nate not only enjoys counseling adolescents on their addiction but is considered a “wilderness nut” logging over 100 days long distance backpacking, over 400 days in low impact camping and more than 600 days comfort living in a wilderness environment.

  • John Rausch, L.A.C.
    John Rausch, L.A.C. Licensed Addiction Counselor

    John is a licensed addictions counselor who has returned to WTC after serving as an addictions counselor for the Montana Department of Corrections. He has had a great deal of experience as an addictions counselor and started his career as an addictions counselor with WTC in 2005. John has a Master’s Degree in Addictions Studies from Governors State University and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the same institution.

  • Nora Rye, M.S.W., L.A.C.-E
    Nora Rye, M.S.W., L.A.C.-E Licensed Addiction Counselor (Eligible)

    Nora joins us with 6 years of past experience counseling, mentoring and coordinating care for children, adolescents and adults.  She has a passion for wilderness therapy with experience in neuropsychology with graduate-level research. She has also volunteered as a crisis response advocate for survivors of sexual assault.  Nora has a Masters of Social Work from the University of Montana and in her off time, enjoys the outdoors and has a soft spot for all the dogs on campus.

  • Brandon Van Arsdale, L.A.C.-E
    Brandon Van Arsdale, L.A.C.-E Licensed Addiction Counselor (Eligible)

    Brandon joined WTC to leverage his background in helping at-risk children as well as his love of the outdoors.  His past work experience includes Radke Home for Boys, Clark Fork School and Paws Up activity guide.  Brandon has a B.A. in Sociology from University of Montana.  When he is not working, Brandon enjoys taking advantage of everything Montana has to offer including rafting, skiing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and spending time with Hunter, his Australian Shepherd and Meg, his fiance’.


  • Glenn Brown, WFR, AV1
    Glenn Brown, WFR, AV1 Senior Wilderness Instructor

    Glen is a Montana native and a Drummond High School graduate. Glen was honorably discharged from the Air force in 1995 and has held a variety of wilderness related positions since. Notably, Glen has worked for the United States Forest Service and has extensive knowledge of the Seeley-Swan, Mission, and Bob Marshall Wilderness areas.

  • Jerome Val Rios, WFR
    Jerome Val Rios, WFR Wilderness Instructor

    Jerome represents our international staff dynamic originating from France. He has worked throughout the U.S. in varied outdoor positions including a Teen Wilderness Adventure Coordinator in New Hampshire. He brings a wealth of experiential knowledge to the team and fluently speaks French, Spanish and English.

  • Matt Coleman, W-EMT
    Matt Coleman, W-EMT Wilderness Instructor

    Matt originally comes from Minnesota, where he graduated St. Cloud State University with a associates degree in criminal justice. Matt found his passion for wilderness therapy while working at a correctional facility, lead canoeing, hiking and winter camping trips all over northern Minnesota. He is a certified Wilderness EMT, Leave no trace master educator and professional climbing wall instructor. In his free time Matt enjoys hiking, hunting and white water kayaking.

  • Garrett Brummel, WFR
    Garrett Brummel, WFR Wilderness Instructor

    Garrett is originally from Olympia Washington but has been a Montana resident since 2008. He graduated with B.A. degrees from the University of Montana Western in both Psychology and Sociology. Garrett enjoys all aspects of the outdoors and you can find him hiking, camping, biking, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and fishing during his time away from work.


  • Larry Anderson
    Larry Anderson Ranch Hand

    Larry has been a part of the WTC family since 1987 when he and his wife Terry moved to Kalispell looking for a new start. Larry manages the ranch and livestock while keeping the 6000 acres of fenced land up and running. After 28 years working at WTC, Larry has become an institution here and continues to provide our young men sound advice from an old cowboy.

  • Riley
    Riley Canine Therapist

    Riley is our newest lab arrival and spends his days tearing up toilet paper, chasing tennis balls and running all over the ranch. More times than not you can find him cheering up patients having a tough day or meeting families during family week. His best friends are Cooper and Ruby who he gets to play with on many occasions.

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