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Ryan C.


I originally went to wilderness treatment center to get the court system off of my back. I had no intention on staying sober in the long run. But when I got into some of the work and built relationships with the guys there I saw that this way of life is better. I got to see how bad my life really was, and with drugs and alcohol taken out of the picture I am still the same person. I needed to do some work on myself. At wilderness treatment center I got to tap into my emotions. It was the first time in years where I actually felt emotion other than anger and rage. I went through a lot of emotional phases in the first few months of my sobriety, one day I would be really happy then I would get a thought and I would get sad or angry and I was just all over the place to say the least. But when I got to work an honest fourth and fifth step I got a lot of clarity and a lot of weight lifted off my shoulders. I am in a way better place now. I love wilderness treatment center and I love new life house.

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Available 24/7 for Support