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Jacob A.


Wilderness Treatment Center was a great starting point for my sobriety. My plan was to go to treatment and let my legal and relationship issues blow over so I could go back to what I was doing and play my cards smarter. I went to treatment with pressure from the state prosecutor and the judge, as well as my probation officer and family. While I was in WTC I had my first taste of real life. I really needed the two months of separation from drugs and alcohol to start to take a real look at what my life really consisted of. I had been very depressed and out of control prior to entering treatment and this condition did not change too much while I was there, but I was exposed to a new way of looking at things and I got the chance to face my reality for what it was at the time. The trip is what really set my recovery up for me and through it I was able to have a new perspective on what I had ahead of me. If I had gone anywhere else I do not believe I would be sober right now. Sobriety is hard but Wilderness Treatment Center gave me my first glimpse of what sobriety is able to be and I am grateful for the aftercare opportunity that was afforded to me.

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Available 24/7 for Support