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We sent our son to the Wilderness Treatment Center at the recommendation of one of his former treatment counselors. He had been a patient at another well-respected treatment program, had progressed to placement in a sober house with out-patient counselling and group work, and had relapsed. We were terrified for his life and desperate to help him.

WTC gave him help that we could not give him. He learned more about his addiction and how it affected him in every way. From his conversations with us when he was at Wilderness, we could hear that he was gaining more insight about himself, his disease of addiction, and its consequences on his behavior and with relationships. He spoke about learning more about the twelve steps, about a higher power, and of using these “tools” in his recovery. His wilderness trip was a remarkable practicum for everything that he was learning during his residential treatment, and it truly was a rite of passage, by his own description. Having this experience as part of his treatment was a big difference from the other treatment programs he had been in.

Wilderness recommended that after completing their program our son continue his recovery with a 12 Step sober living residence placement. (They also strongly encouraged us to attend Alanon for our own continued understanding of the effects of addiction on ourselves and for our own recovery.)

New Life House was one of the resources Wilderness provided to us for our son. They described New Life as being consistent with their own philosophy of recovery, focus of going to meetings and using the 12 Steps, and commitment to service. We are so grateful for their recommendation. Our son is back in his life and in ours; we see so much growth, recovery and love in him. We are so proud of him and so thankful for the help we have received.

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Available 24/7 for Support